This pandemic has helped me to find time to read. I have been an ardent fan of Harvard Business Review. I try to convert articles which are relevant and of interest to me into personal lessons which I try to apply in life. I have converted my lessons from an article into a 3-minute video. The Visibly ‘Invisibles’ is based on David Zweig’s ‘Managing the Invisibles’, which featured in HBR South Asia May 2014, an article built on his book Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion. It is true that there are committed and talented people for whom fame and recognition are not motivations for what they do. They are invisible to the world even though their work is visible to most of us. I learnt that Michael Cronan is the person who named Bezos’ dream, Kindle- which literally means ‘to arouse’. There are many people like Michael- editors of films, ghost writers, blenders and in the present circumstances, scientists and researchers who are fighting against time to invent the vaccine to protect us from the corona virus. They shun the limelight and remain behind the scenes. How should leaders look after such resources in any organization? What are their distinct traits? And should they be treated like every other resource in the organization? There are few lessons which could benefit all of us. If the subject interests you, please click on to the link to watch the 3-minute video. The ‘invisibles’ are priceless assets which need to be protected and nurtured for the world to benefit from their abilities and commitment to what they do.

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