Research is key to understanding people. Aidias Consulting Group is a firm believer in organised research which aids in strategy making. Aidias conducts conventional market research; employee research, online research and research using concepts of behavioural economics. Few interesting research projects undertaken by Aidias Consulting Group are: 

  • Qualitative research commissioned by ABP Group (largest media house headquartered in Kolkata) to create a marketers’ guide suggesting what it takes to market brands effectively to the women of Bengal. This was an extensive qualitative research project which conducted the research using various techniques like immersion, triads, focus group discussions and depth interviews. Several brands interested in marketing their brands to the women of Bengal could tweak their marketing and advertising communication based on the findings of the research. 
  • Repositioning of the Century Ply brand– Aidias Consulting Group conducted a nationwide research across different customer segments to provide inputs to the communication agency for redesigning the communication for Century Ply. 
  • Mystery Audit to increase customer experience has been conducted by Aidias Consulting Group for several organisations like CEAT Tyres, P C Chandra Jewellers, NK Realtors (one of the largest real estate marketing agencies in India) and ILS Hospitals. These audits enabled the respective brands to reorient their customer facing teams to deliver superior customer satisfaction and service. 
  • Quantitative survey amongst students to strategize for ICA Edu Skills when they intended to expand into a national brand. The marketing strategies formulated based on the research findings helped the brand double its turnover in one year through rapid expansion. 
  • Employee research using qualitative research techniques at Pinnacle Infotech Solutions helped unearth the genuine reasons for employee dissatisfaction. Corrective measures helped in reducing attrition and increase productivity. 

Research is spearheaded by Sushmita Roy who is a veteran market research professional. Aidias Consulting Group has tie ups with reliable field agencies to ensure quality recruitment of respondents. The biggest differentiator of Aidias Consulting Group from other research agencies is the translation of research findings to strategic action points for the client organisation. 

Case Study: Marketing Research

Assignment: To help a leading media house create a marketing tool for itself – ‘Marketing to the women of that state’.

Aidias Action: A specially designed qualitative research which included focus group discussions; in-depth interviews and ‘immersions’

Outcome: The tool was utilized by media house to educate advertisers from within and outside the state to improve their marketing strategies and increase their investments in the media options marketed by the media house.

Case Study: Employee Research

Assignment: A high-end KPO serving primarily international clients was struggling with high attrition rates. The employees were mostly diploma engineers with 3-5 years of experience.

Aidias Action: Aidias deployed qualitative techniques of market research to unearth the exact sentiments of the employees across hierarchies for dissatisfaction regarding HR policies and senior management.

Outcome: The senior management of the organization took heed of the feedback and made several changes in their HR policies and methods. The attrition was reduced to less than 10% which was far better than the industry standards.