IT Consulting Services
IT Consulting Services

IT Strategy Consulting Services

Aidias Consulting Group has noticed that several mid-sized organisations often arrive at a crossroad where their existing IT systems is not good enough to support the changing business requirements of the organization. The client organization needs guidance on whether the existing IT system be replaced totally; modified to suit the new requirements or integrated with additional software (which is newly purchased) to meet the requirements. 

Aidias Consulting Group offers the following services: 

IT Audit– In this Aidias Consulting Group audits the existing IT infrastructure- hardware, networking and software- of the client organization from two perspectives- internal user of IT and customer experience of the organization. The entire business cycle and ecosystem of the organization is understood and forms the basis of this audit. Audits has thrown up serious process bottlenecks which need to be reengineered to enhance the experience of the internal as well as the external customer. This audit has helped Srijan Realty to improve their IT function significantly based on the audit report submitted by Aidias Consulting Group 

Post IT Audit implementation support– Several organizations seek assistance from Aidias Consulting Group to assist them in improving the IT function through process reengineering; tweaking of current infrastructure or assist in identifying, purchasing and implementing any new software which may be needed. 

This service is spearheaded by Anjan Majumdar who has extensive experience globally in IT services with firms like PwC and IBM Consulting. He is assisted by Prasun Saha who also has similar experience. The Samaja newspaper and Arpan Fragrances have benefitted immensely from this intervention.