Thank you for the overwhelming response to out first video titled The Visibly Invisibles which were curated from lessons learnt by reading Harvard Business Review The lessons in this video titled ‘In Search of Insight’ is based on an article which appeared in Harvard Business Review South Asia Nov 2014 Managing Yourself: Where to Look for Insight by Mohanbir Sawhney, McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology and Director of Center of Research in Technology & Innovation at Kellogg School of Management, and Sanjay Khosla, Senior Fellow at Kellogg and formerly president of developing market for Kraft Foods. Innovation has been the mantra for successful and profitable business growth since time immemorial. Innovation will continue to have greater relevance with the disruption caused by this pandemic. Insights drive innovation which cannot be left to chance. The authors talk about seven channels for insight which could be relevant to business. We are perhaps aware of all the seven channels. I found the lessons from this article has helped me in readjusting my perspective towards insights and innovation. If the subject interests you, please click on to the link to watch the 4-minute video. Insights are often apparent and get missed out against what could be obvious. That may not be the best thing to happen for business.

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