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HR Consulting Services
HR Consulting Services

HR Consulting Services

In line with the belief in people making the ultimate difference in business and profitable growth, Aidias Consulting Group offers customised HR consulting and related services. This practice is spearheaded by Sumeet Singh Arora who is a passionate HR professional. He is assisted by Subrata Rana and Deepak Pramanik. The services offered are: 

  1. HR Audit– Using mpower-u which is a tool for measuring human behaviour objectively; Aidias Consulting Group can assess an individual’s fitment to the job role in the organisation. This enables organisations to reshuffle manpower; identify exact training needs of an individual; identify individuals with potential to grow along with the areas where such people need support to realise their potential; and ‘misfit’ in any current role who could be a ‘super fit’ in some other role. Subrata Rana is the person who has researched and built M Power U as a tool by collaborating with three top universities in the world. M Power U is a unique concept which needs demonstration and explanation. 
  2. Creating and deploying HR policies which are practical and easily understood by employees. Experience at Aidias Consulting Group suggests that organisations are at different levels of maturity in terms of their HR policies and processes. Copy paste of ‘ideal’ HR policies often boomerang for organisations. Several factors influence the creation of HR policies in organisations. These include owners’ attitude and approach towards the HR function; basic quality of existing manpower and managers; industry and business needs of the organisation and geographical locations in which the organisation its operations. 
  3. Reducing attrition in organisations Organisations with large number of young work force are often faced with high attrition. To quote a Founder Director of a Global KPO- “We ensure healthy increments every year. Yet, we are struggling with 18-20% attrition immediately after the appraisal results are announced.” Aidias Consulting Group has worked with this KPO and helped them reduce the attrition to less than 5% with their innovative and detailed intervention. 
  4. Recruiting and attracting talent to work for organisations This is a huge challenge for organisations who are yet to build their reputation as ‘aspirational’ recruiters. It is not about money. It is about the perception or image as an employer. Aidias Consulting Group concludes that several organisations whose ‘brands’ are popular and well known amongst consumers also struggle to attract talent even though they are willing to pay as much or more than employers who are preferred by such talent. 
  5. Designing and Implementing Performance Management Systems (PMS)- Experience at Aidias Consulting Group suggests that several organisations need genuine support in designing, developing and implementing PMS to ensure objective measurement of performance of employees. This includes several interventions:  
    • Restructuring the organisational hierarchies and reporting relationships in alignment with business and market needs. This also includes rationalising compensation bands around work levels and grades. Most often such scientific methods are not deployed at many organisations. 
    • Facilitating workshops with management teams to develop JDs, KPIs and KRAs. These workshops serve two purposes- firstly, it serves as a training of the managerial workforce in developing JDs, KPIs and KRAs for future needs and secondly, it creates a sense of ownership for the entire PMS system which needs to be designed and implemented 
    • Training and application of SMART principle in creating formats for appraisal at all levels of hierarchy. The challenge which majority of the organisations face are centred around objectively measuring the performance of people in support functions. The methods and tools of measurement are not conceived at the beginning of the year and explained to the employees in advance.  
    • Data at Aidias Consulting Group suggests that managers/supervisors in most organisations are not trained in appraising their team members. Appraisal is not looked at as a tool to enhance the motivation of the appraisee. Managers often take the ‘easy’ route of being ‘good’ while giving the appraisal feedback. On the other end are managers who are unnecessarily critical in appraising their team members who lose out in case the organisation believes in fitting the employees in a ‘bell curve’ for distribution of performance. Aidias Consulting Group has designed practical and engaging training programmes to address this issue in many organisations. 
    • Strategies for promoting employees across work levels. It is a common saying in HR that organisations often promote a great salesman who becomes a poor sales manager. This is a common problem with several organisations. The challenge is twofold- how do you keep a high performer motivated who is not ready to step into the higher role and how do you ensure that employees with the right abilities are promoted to the next level? Several methods and tools have been developed by Aidias Consulting Group to address this critical issue.