Aidias (pronounced Ideas) Consulting Group is in existence since 2004. Aidias provides services in the areas of marketing consulting and research, HR consulting and training, digital marketing consulting and services and IT consulting and solutions.

Deepak Pramanik

Founder & Chief
Strategy Officer

Subrata Rana

Expert – Economist
& Data Analytics

Atanu Ghosh

Chief Strategy Officer –
Digital Marketing

Shyam Vembar

Fmcg & Agri Expert

Sumeet Singh Arora

Expert – Learning &

Sushmita Roy

Market Research Expert


How we can help you.

The services offered by Aidias are ‘industry neutral’ as Aidias has affiliated with client organizations in varied industry sectors which include automobiles, media, retail, FMCG, consumer durables, industrial products, jewellery, hospitals, education, vocational training, skill development, tyres, real estate and many more.

Customized Training

Customised training for enhancing managerial effectiveness; improving selling skills; increasing customer centricity and enhancing competencies like communication skills, data analysis, assertiveness.

HR Consulting Services

In line with the belief in people making the ultimate difference in business and profitable growth, Aidias Consulting Group offers customised HR consulting and related services. This practice is spearheaded by Sumeet Singh Arora who is a passionate HR professional. He is assisted by Subrata Rana and Deepak Pramanik.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services at Aidias Consulting Group is led by Atanu Ghosh who teaches digital marketing as a Visiting Faculty at IIMs and other premier B Schools. He is assisted by a group of young team members who have undergone a short certificate programme in digital marketing from Cambridge Marketing College, UK.

IT Consulting Services

Overall business strategy consulting, marketing, media and branding, human resources (HR), IT (ERP etc.) and sales and distribution.


Aidias provides market research services for consumer research at an all India level. Researchers in Aidias are conversant with both qualitative as well as quantitative research techniques.

‘Go to Market’, Sales and Distribution Consulting Services

This service is spearheaded by Mr Shyam Vembar who is supported by Saumendu Saha who has work experience with Dabur, Shaw Wallace and Funskool Toys.





Premium Retail


Deepak Pramanik

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Deepak is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Aidias Consulting Group. In his corporate career he has worked in Berger Paints (Sales), Pfizer (Branding & Marketing) and ABP Limited (National Business Head for advertising revenues of the group). His expertise is in branding, marketing, sales, HR, market research, employee research and training. He is an alumnus of IIT and IIM.


Subrata Rana

Behavioural Economist, Data Analytics and Agri Business Expert

Subrata Rana has worked for The World Bank in multiple countries for nearly two decades. He has extensive experience of working with agricultural sector in Africa during his stint with The Bank. He has also been a part of the research team which worked with top universities to create the unique tool called M Power U which measures human behaviour at workplace quantifiably for understanding the fitment of the individual with the job role.  His expertise is in the application of concepts of behavioural economics and analytics to businesses. He is an alumnus of IIT and Stanford University. 


Atanu Ghosh

Digital Marketing and Blockchain Expert

Atanu Ghosh has worked with organisations like PwC and IBM Consulting and has extensive experience in ERP & SAP implementation along with business process reengineering. He was an early adapter to the changing digital world and currently teaches digital marketing and blockchain at IIMs and other prestigious B Schools. He owns, manages and runs his e-commerce portal which makes him a practicing academician. He is an expert on digital marketing and digital transformation which includes mapping of digital touch points in the path to purchase for any customer journey. He is an engineering alumnus of Jadavpur University and IIM. 


Subrata Rana

Certified Executive Coach FMCG and Agri Business Expert

Shyam Vembar has nearly three decades of work experience with large multinational organisations like Unilever and Monsanto Chemicals in India and abroad. He has also worked as the head of business at Mahindra Agri where he has helped the organisation to expand its footprints in Africa. He is an expert in business strategy, marketing, sales and distribution and has significant experience in mergers and acquisitions. Shyam takes keen interest in people development and has been certified as an Executive Coach. He is an alumnus of NIT and IIM and has also been a part of several advanced management programmes held at prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale and Wharton. 


Sumeet Singh Arora

Learning and Development Expert Master Trainer and Facilitator

Sumeet Singh Arora’s singular passion is to influence lives through people development. Understanding and application of adult learning principles while creating content and programmes for training and development is his forte. He is an expert trainer for classroom training as well as outbound programmes which he has conducted successfully. As a trainer he has over 5000 hours of training experience. Class engagement and learning outcomes focus makes him a much sought-after trainer and facilitator. He is certified for several international and national accreditations. He is an Engineer and MBA from Pune University. He has also completed B Ed and M Ed in order to understand how teachers are trained to teach in school.


Sushmita Roy

Market Research Expert

Sushmita Roy has over two and half decades of experience in conducting market research. As a researcher, Sushmita has worked with client organisations like Indian Airlines and Sarabhai Chemicals as well as market research organisations like C MARC (specialist in pharma research) and MARG. She is highly rated for her abilities to design and conduct qualitative market research. She is equally adept in quantitative research. With Aidias Consulting Group she has experimented successfully in applying principles of qualitative market research for gauging employee satisfaction in organisations. She is an alumnus of Lady Brabourne College (Economics) and IISWBM where she did her MBA.