Aidias Consulting Group

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services at Aidias Consulting Group is led by Atanu Ghosh who teaches digital marketing as a Visiting Faculty at IIMs and other premier B Schools. He is assisted by a group of young team members who have undergone a short certificate programme in digital marketing from Cambridge Marketing College, UK.

The services offered are:

Digital Marketing Audit- In this audit, Aidias Consulting Group audits and benchmarks the efforts, investments and returns of digital marketing for the brand/company vis a vis internal standards and competition in the market. This service enables client organisations to fine tune their digital marketing strategies and investments. The prominent client organisations for whom Aidias Consulting Group has conducted digital audit are Firefox Bicycles, P C Chandra Jewellers, ILS Hospitals and ICA Edu Skills.

DM Axi6®- This is a specially designed comprehensive package for small/limited budget advertisers who can benefit from digital marketing immensely. As a part of the package, advertisers get a basic digital audit against competition; digital assets creation/correction; digital marketing strategy and execution including media planning, buying and monitoring. DM Axi6 can be bought in quarterly, half-yearly or annual packages. Building of customised website is also provided as a service for an additional investment.

Digital Transformation- Aidias Consulting Group emphasises immensely on organisations to enhance their digital responsiveness in order to remain competitive in the current marketplace. This includes several steps which begins with the sensitization of senior management of the organisation through short duration workshops customised to the organisation and the industry in which the organization is competing. Senior management at National Insurance Company have undergone this workshop. Thereafter, study of digital touch points in the customer/consumer journey of the organisation is ascertained (through research) and the role of digital in the touch point experience is defined. Experience at Aidias Consulting Group suggests that several process related modifications are needed for enhancing the customer experience.

Case Study: Digital Marketing

Assignment: An education institute was spending regularly on digital marketing without getting any noteworthy results out of the efforts and investments.

Aidias Action: The entire digital marketing team was shifted to Aidias office and the team is being supervised daily by a member of team Aidias. The media strategy as well as the follow up after generating leads were faulty. Aidias guided the institute to purchase a lead management software and helped in implementing the software effectively. The stakeholders within the organization was sensitized to the needs and demands of digital marketing.

Outcome: The targets for 18-19 formulated by the institute in collaboration with Aidias expects 30% of student admissions through digital marketing. This percentage was less than 10% in the previous year. This is an example of outsourced leadership provided by Aidias in select cases.