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This Corona pandemic has impacted our lives beyond imagination. Everyone anticipates a bleak economic scenario as and when life returns to normal. Several organisations are utilising this time for capacity building. We have launched our unique training concept which we have named- Axi6®- Acquire Xpertise in 6 sessions. The training is delivered live using Zoom platform. The topics that we have chosen are based on our judgement of business consulting, training and HR consulting experience and expertise. We strongly believe that these training programmes will assist organisations to emerge stronger after the pandemic. We are listing all the Axi6® programmes conceptualised by us in the tables below. We can send you the details of the programmes which you would like to explore after hearing from you. Will await to understand your choice. 


Axi6® Training Topic 

Meant For 


Managing Change 



People Management 



Leadership Communication 

Managers/ Senior Managers 


Supervisory Skills 

Frontline Supervisors 


Client Management Skills 

Client Servicing team 


Advanced Selling Skills for B2B Sales Teams 

Sales Teams including managers 


Conducting effective meetings 

Managers and above 


Communication skills for support functions 

Support staff and managers 


Customer Service with proactive behaviour 



Digital Transformation Orientation 

CXO and above 


All Axi6® trainings are designed as six sessions of 40 minutes or 60 minutes each. So far, clients have opted for six sessions being divided over two days- 3 sessions x 40 minutes per session = 2 hours training per day x 2 days = 4 hours training for six sessions. Alternatively, it is three hours per day into two days when sessions are designed to be hour long. 

Investment depends on number of participants and varies with the programme. 

The trainers are:

Deepak Pramanik

Founder & Chief
Strategy Officer

New Sajid

Sajid Haque

Head- Training Delivery

    Managing ChangePeople ManagementLeadership CommunicationSupervisory SkillsClient Management SkillsAdvanced Selling Skills for B2B Sales TeamsConducting effective meetingsCommunication skills for support functionsCustomer Service with proactive behaviourDigital Transformation Orientation

    Managing Conflicts at Workplace