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Digital Marketing Services are being provided by different category of service providers – individuals, small firms and large companies. However, the understanding and appreciation of the use, impact and relevance of digital marketing for business is in the nascent stage with majority of business owners. Many business owners appreciate, approve and look at digital marketing using the same lens as for non-digital marketing activities, media and ROI calculator. SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Remarketing are few buzz words which are being flaunted by several agencies to take advantage of the lack of knowledge/ignorance of the business owners to market their services. Most business owners still evaluate a digital marketing agency by the number of Facebook/Instagram creatives that they produce and post. Our analyses suggests that these are typically occasion specific posts with no/little relevance to the marketing and brand building strategy of the business.
Digital Aidias and Budbee have joined hands together to provide comprehensive digital marketing services which are governed by the following core philosophies and beliefs:

The range of services offered vary from the most comprehensive service which is digital transformation of an organization to more tactical service like improving the SEO of the website. The list of services is provided below:

The team with their varied experience, academic credentials and expertise are the biggest differentiator for the quality of services provided and results delivered for different client organizations:

Atanu Ghosh

BE (Jadavpur University), PGDM-IIM(B) is one of the pioneers in digital marketing. He is a visiting faculty at several premium MBA institutes in India. He has over two decades of IT and process consulting experience with organizations like PwC and IBM Consulting in India and abroad before becoming an independent consultant. He is the Chief Strategy Officer for the team. In his individual capacity he has offered digital marketing consulting to organizations like Asian Paint, ABP Ltd, West Bengal Tourism, Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel National Police Academy, Frank Ross Pharmacy, Mevero Passion Cluster, Kalinga Super Speciality Hospital, Ventury Engineering Pvt Ltd, Nutriance Organic Skin Care, NIPS, Guru Kripa (Diamond Whole Seller)

Deepak Pramanik

B.Tech-IIT(M), PGDM-IIM(C) has over three decades of marketing, branding, media, sales, business development and training experience with several organizations across diverse industries. His role in the team is to derive the digital marketing strategy from the overall marketing plan and deliver the digital experience by defining the same for the business and gearing up the organization towards enhanced digital responsiveness through a mix of process improvements and people development.

Ananda Ghosh

one of the founders of his organization Budbee India. He is an ardent follower of Global Innovative Inclusions, be it in the field of Digital Marketing or in the space of Experiential Marketing. An Orator by choice and a part-time Geek! “With a Guided and Mentored approach”, is his way of training his team to fill in his shoes. He will spearhead the strategic partnership and will be mentoring the team on technological aspect of digital marketing, creative designs, media and digital responsiveness.
The other members of the team are graduates from premier colleges in their respective fields of expertise which includes technology, design, copywriting and media.
The clients serviced by this team cuts across industries and includes organizations of different sizes and requirements.
Some prominent clients serviced by Aidias Consulting Group are P.C.Chandra Jewellers, ILS Hospitals, Microlap Nursing Home, Ispat Cooperative Hospital, Ambika Eye Care, Sushila Birla School, ICA Edu Skills, National Insurance Company, Sonotel Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd, Srijan Realty, Firefox Bicycles, Trisha Boutique, Hena Nafis Nutrience, Biryanishk Restaurant.
Budbee has an impressive list of clients which include Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Woodlands Hospital, Palki, Biryanishk, Pappadam, Tribe Tomorrow, Herbochem, Smyl USA, Shot Health, Ola MD, Ravkoo, Apollo Hospital, Hotel De Sovrani Group, Odisha Mining, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Steel, Auntie Fung’s, Cyber Chasse, Hankow Teas of London.

The combined experience of the team in offering Digital Marketing Services is extensive and across varied industries.

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