Aidias Consulting Group


Aidias provides market research services for consumer research at an all India level. Researchers in Aidias are conversant with both qualitative as well as quantitative research techniques.


Building and maintaining digital assets like the company website, Facebook pages etc; formulating and executing digital marketing strategies; media planning for the digital media.


Customised training for enhancing managerial effectiveness; improving selling skills; increasing customer centricity and enhancing competencies like communication skills, data analysis, assertiveness.


Overall business strategy consulting, marketing, media and branding, human resources (HR), IT (ERP etc.) and sales and distribution.


Aidias has noticed that several organizations have outgrown their present ERP system and are often at a cross road in terms of what to do. Aidias works with such organizations to guide them on the best way forward.

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Experience in FMCG Industry:

The industry of Fast Moving Consumer Goods has always given Aidias Consulting Group the opportunity to prove it’s potentiality as Aidias has never failed in satisfying the client’s needs. Aidias emphasizes in the following topics in this industry:-

  • Overall business strategy including increasing turnover 7-fold in three years
  • Branding and marketing strategy
  • Sales and distribution strategy
  • HR strategy and implementation
  • Training- sales, managerial effectiveness, quality(5S), data analysis
  • ERP implementation
  • SFA (sales force automation)- vendor identification and automation
  • Market research
  • Improving manufacturing productivity by 25% through process correction
  • Geographical expansion strategy and implementation