Aidias Consulting Group


Aidias provides market research services for consumer research at an all India level. Researchers in Aidias are conversant with both qualitative as well as quantitative research techniques.


Building and maintaining digital assets like the company website, Facebook pages etc; formulating and executing digital marketing strategies; media planning for the digital media.


Customised training for enhancing managerial effectiveness; improving selling skills; increasing customer centricity and enhancing competencies like communication skills, data analysis, assertiveness.


Overall business strategy consulting, marketing, media and branding, human resources (HR), IT (ERP etc.) and sales and distribution.


Aidias has noticed that several organizations have outgrown their present ERP system and are often at a cross road in terms of what to do. Aidias works with such organizations to guide them on the best way forward.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the future. Aidias has realized that majority of organizations are aware of the need to adopt digital marketing but are often making half-hearted attempts at digital marketing. Aidias provides end to end solution in digital marketing for the benefit of such organizations. These include:

  • Understanding the scope of digital marketing for the organization
  • Building the digital assets like website, Facebook page etc.
  • Regularly maintain the digital assets by updating the same
  • Formulate the digital marketing strategy
  • Create and execute the digital marketing campaign as needed by the organization
  • Do the media plan for digital media including the ROI calculation
  • Monitor and course-correct the digital campaign
  • Measure the outcome of the campaign using appropriate tools and metrices
  • Build the digital eco system for the organization
  • Sensitize the key stake holders of any organization and improve the digital responsiveness

Aidias is already managing the entire digital marketing department for an organization in the education industry.

Atanu Ghosh

Chief Strategy Officer

Case Study: Digital Marketing

Assignment: An education institute was spending regularly on digital marketing without getting any noteworthy results out of the efforts and investments.

Aidias Action: The entire digital marketing team was shifted to Aidias office and the team is being supervised daily by a member of team Aidias. The media strategy as well as the follow up after generating leads were faulty. Aidias guided the institute to purchase a lead management software and helped in implementing the software effectively. The stakeholders within the organization was sensitized to the needs and demands of digital marketing.

Outcome: The targets for 18-19 formulated by the institute in collaboration with Aidias expects 30% of student admissions through digital marketing. This percentage was less than 10% in the previous year. This is an example of outsourced leadership provided by Aidias in select cases.