Aidias Consulting Group


Aidias provides market research services for consumer research at an all India level. Researchers in Aidias are conversant with both qualitative as well as quantitative research techniques.


Building and maintaining digital assets like the company website, Facebook pages etc; formulating and executing digital marketing strategies; media planning for the digital media.


Customised training for enhancing managerial effectiveness; improving selling skills; increasing customer centricity and enhancing competencies like communication skills, data analysis, assertiveness.


Overall business strategy consulting, marketing, media and branding, human resources (HR), IT (ERP etc.) and sales and distribution.


Aidias has noticed that several organizations have outgrown their present ERP system and are often at a cross road in terms of what to do. Aidias works with such organizations to guide them on the best way forward.

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Consulting Services in Kolkata

Branding, Media & Marketing | HR | Overall Business Strategy

Branding, Media & Marketing: Aidias started its journey by offering branding and marketing consultancy to a host of brands across industries. All aspects of brand management including media, marketing, advertising, promotion and CRM is offered by Aidias. The key deliverables are:

  • Improving returns on marketing investment
  • Budgeting and tight monitoring of marketing investments
  • Innovative marketing strategies depending on the stage of the brand life cycle

HR: Aidias believes and has enough examples to prove that ultimately quality of people makes an organization successful. Aidias offers variety of services under HR consulting. This includes:

  • Formulating customized HR policies which is determined by the business needs and the culture of the organization.
  • HR audit helps organizations to get an outsider evaluation of employees against key competencies needed for performing distinct roles
  • Organizational revamp for adapting the organization to meet the changing business environment.
  • HR strategies to attract competent people to join the organization.
  • Goal setting which includes formulating KRAs and KPIs for all positions.
  • Adopted version of balanced score card to create greater accountability within the organization
  • Potential identification program for identifying employees with potential to grow quickly and implement a strategy for their development and retention

Overall Business Strategy: Aidias takes pride in formulating the overall business strategy for several organizations across varied industries. These include:

  • Setting up new organization and launch a new brand
  • Reboot an organization which was on sharp decline
  • Transform an organization which was under-performing as compared to the market potential

Under this consulting service, Aidias provides guidance and recommendations for all areas of business including manufacturing and finance apart from marketing, sales, HR and IT.

Case Study: Branding, Media & Marketing

Assignment: A high end client organization operating in the fashion industry was ‘spending’ lot of money in marketing without being able to assess the impact.

Aidias Action: Aidias first helped the organization to appoint a professional creative and media agency. The annual budget was then prepared at the beginning of the fiscal after preparing a documented marketing plan. This marketing plan was then broken up into monthly activities and the client organization’s marketing team was supervised by Aidias.

Outcome: A saving of 34% was created through this planning. Moreover, the TOM score at the end of the fiscal went up by five percentage points. Aidias helped to choose a brand ambassador for the brand who subsequently became a super-star in Indian cinema. The brand spends of the client organization has grown 12 times over 14 years of association with Aidias.

Case Study: HR Strategy

Assignment: A vocational training and skill development organization suddenly realized that their staff strength has grown four times in a period of one fiscal year. However, the effectiveness and efficiencies of the rapidly growing team were not reflecting in the business results.

Aidias Action: Over a period of 25 working days, Aidias team conducted an HR audit of over 400 key employees within this organization including the senior management. The results were eye-opener for the Chairman and the HR function. Entire manpower strategy and HR function was rebooted based on the findings of this audit.

Outcome: Ineffective employees were given a three-month period to resurrect themselves and they were also provided necessary guidance and training for improving their skills and competencies. Several competent employees were working far below their potential. KRA-KPI were set for all the employees in a manner that there was complete buy-in from the employees. The impact on business results was positive.

Case Study: Overall Business Strategy

Assignment: A hospital was known by the founder who is an eminent surgeon. Absence of the surgeon would lead to the occupancy level falling to below 20% which would otherwise be above 80% when the surgeon would be available. The task was to make the brand bigger than the brand owner.

Aidias Action: Aidias worked on this assignment on three fronts- marketing, HR and operations. A distinctive strategy was formulated given the clutter in hospital marketing during that period. The campaign focused on the brand and all the services that it would provide. Since the brand had made some reputation in the field of surgery; competent doctors were empaneled whose specialties included surgical intervention. Simultaneously, the critical care facility of the hospital was enhanced to tackle emergency and build the reputation of the brand in non-surgical treatment. The entire team at the hospital was trained to reduce customer anxiety and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Outcome: Within 18 months, the in-patient occupancy of the hospital in the absence of the founder-surgeon stabilized at 65% which used to previously go down below 20%. The hospital has since then grown from an 80-bed hospital in one location to 400-beds across three locations. Private equity investors invested and successfully grew their investments in three years in this hospital.

IT Services

Aidias has noticed that several organizations have outgrown their present ERP system and are often at a cross road in terms of what to do. Aidias works with such organizations to guide them on the best way forward. The deliverables under the IT consulting services include:

  • IT audit
  • Tweaking current ERP to suit current and future business needs
  • Recommending, identifying and implementing any new ERP software
  • Business process reengineering is often required for optimizing the effectiveness of the ERP system

Case Study: IT Services

Assignment: A growing FMCG company headquartered in a non-metro town has engaged Aidias to grow their business seven folds in three years. As a part of the engagement, Aidias is guiding the company in using ERP effectively to streamline business operations.

Aidias Action: Firstly, a meeting with the vendor who had implemented the ERP revealed that the organization had purchased all the modules of ERP but was using only the sales module. The issue was lack of process definition to implement the ERP package in purchase and manufacturing areas.

Outcome: This is an ongoing project (as on May 2018) and will be completed by August 2018 when the purchase, manufacturing and dispatch functions will be integrated to improve efficiencies and effectiveness within the organization.