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Aidias (pronounced Ideas) Consulting Group is in existence since January 2004. During these 16 years Aidias Consulting Group has affiliated with more than 150 client organisations and helped the organisations to grow their business® profitably. Aidias Consulting Group essentially affiliates with organisations by offering services around consulting, training and research. Large and medium professionally managed as well as family run organisations have benefitted from the services provided by Aidias Consulting Group. 

The bouquet of services provided by Aidias Consulting Group are: 

Consulting Services provided by Aidias Consulting Group are in the areas of Branding and Marketing; Sales and Distribution; Digital Marketing; Human Resources Consulting and Operational IT Strategies.

Training services offered by Aidias Consulting Group have a wide range- life skills training; sales training; managerial and leadership development programmes and outbound training for team building 

Research projects undertaken by Aidias Consulting group include mystery audit; qualitative and quantitative market research; digital audit and digital research; employee satisfaction surveys including conventional as well as non-conventional methods. 

The team at Aidias Consulting Group comprises of senior and experienced professionals from diverse fields who have worked in large organisations in India and abroad during their corporate careers. Majority of the senior team members at Aidias Consulting Group are alumni of prestigious institutes like IIT, IIM and Stanford University. The collective experience of the team members has concluded that the only mantra for businesses to grow profitably in this VUCA (Volatile- Uncertain-Complex- Ambiguous) environment is to enhance the motivation of human beings who matter in business. Essentially, motivation of three sets of human beings need to be managed and enhanced. These are employees, customers and business associates in the ecosystem in which the organisation operates. All services offered by Aidias Consulting Group are geared to enhance the motivation of these sets of human beings. 

Aidias Consulting Group possesses/uses few proprietary tools which are deployed to impact business results positively. These tools are T-O-R-C-H which ensures post training application of learnings by the participants at their respective workplace. mpower-u (TM with Ecodev Solutions) which is a tool to measure human behaviour at workplace quantifiably for understanding the fitment of the individual with the job roleWorxogo (TM with Worxogo Solutions) which uses the concept of ‘nudge’ from behavioural economics to improve productivity of sales team through application of AI and machine learning. 

Aidias Consulting Group has representatives in main cities of India and in London, UK.

Why Aidias?

Aidias is different from any other consulting firm as it helps the client organizations in implementing the recommendations needed to drive profitable growth in businesses.The team members of Aidias managed business during their corporate careers at senior level so they are aware of the practical implications of the recommendations made by Aidias to client organizations. Aidias has experience of consulting with clients from variety of industries which helps it to cross-pollinate learnings for the benefit of the clients. Senior, experienced consultants work with and for Aidias unlike junior resources who often service the client organizations on behalf of large, reputed consulting firms. Aidias has a unique engagement model which could be linked to the performance delivery based on Aidias recommendations. Please note that this model is available only under certain specific terms and conditions.


Aidias will become the most reliable consulting and training services providing firm by remaining accountable to the recommendations made to client organizations and delivering customized training programs for human resource development for the client organizations.


Aidias will be the most reliable consulting and training company for organizations who intend to pursue profitable growth by engaging external consultants and trainers.





Aidias (pronounced Ideas) Consulting Group is in existence since 2004. Aidias provides services in the areas of marketing consulting and research, HR consulting and training, digital marketing consulting and services and IT consulting and solutions.

Deepak Pramanik

Founder & Chief
Strategy Officer


Subrata Rana

Expert – Economist
& Data Analytics


Atanu Ghosh

Chief Strategy Officer –
Digital Marketing


Shyam Sundar V

Fmcg & Agri Expert


Sumeet Singh Arora

Expert – Learning &


Sushmita Roy

Market Research Expert


Prasun Kumar Saha

Head – It & It Services


Anjan Majumdar

Expert – It & Business


Sanjiv Vaidya

Channel Sales &
Distribution Expert


Saumendu Saha

FMCG Sales &
Distribution Expert


Sanchita Haque

Head – Operations &
Account Management

Anirban M

Anirban Mukhopadhyay

Director- Aidias UK
& IT Expert

New Sajid

Sajid Haque

Head- Training Delivery 


Rashmi Sengupta

Assistant Manager-
Director’s Office


Snehasis Bhattacharya

Head – Business

Gargee New

Gargee Ghose

Business Partner-
Western India

New Basab

Basabdatta Chowdhuri

Media Experts

Sumit Kanungo

Media Experts


Darshan Sharma

Digital Marketing Team


Rishen Basu

Digital Marketing Team


Himadri Baidya

Digital Marketing Team


Poulomi Guha Thakurta

Digital Marketing Team